Vintage Clipart: 1890 Illustration of Iris Kaempferi

A botanical illustration of the Iris Kaempferi, also commonly referred to as Japanese iris. This illustration is taken from an 1890 encyclopaedia of horticulture which describes the plants as "...perfectly hardy, and are very free-flowering. The flowers are double and single, the colours pure white, purple, maroon, blue, and many with the various colours marbled with white. They grow readily in almost any situation, in full exposure to sun, or in partial shade. They are increased by division, or may be grown readily from seed, which if sown in the open border, will make plants that will flower the second year. These are really grand plants. That they do not flower until near midsummer, when the season of the common Iris is past, is an additional recommendation to most lovers of plants.""

Download the free high-res 9.5" x 11" @300ppi JPEG by clicking here. The file is really large so please be patient when downloading. If you use this antique botanical illustration, please respect my Terms of Use and credit with a link back to this page.

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