Vintage Fonts: Initial Letter "T" with Woodlark Background for Tag or Bookmark

A decorated letter "T" from a 1901 book of birds that features a woodlark in the background. You are welcome to download this free high-resolution 1.75" x 4" @300ppi JPEG for any personal or small business project (no commercial mass production, please) by clicking here.

I am also including a version with the letter "T" removed so that you can add your own initial letter if you like. You can download the high-res JPEG here.

These would be great as gift tags or bookmarks if printed on heavyweight cardstock but you can also incorporate them into other design projects. If you download these bird backgrounds, please respect my Terms of Use and credit with a link back to this page.

Keywords: 1901, alphabet, antique, art nouveau, background, birds, decorated, decorative, font, illustration, initial letters, letter "T", lettering, vintage, woodlark

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