Vintage Illustration: A Border of Dendrobium Nobile (Noble Dendrobium) from 1890

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A botanical illustration from an antique encyclopaedia of horticulture that shows a border of Dendrobium nobile (noble dendrobium). This ornamental orchid has become a popular cultivated decorative house plant as it produces colourful blooms in winter and spring, at at time when little else is in flower (Source: Wikipedia).

This species was first known from China and later imported into Europe from India. It is valued in traditional Chinese medicine, used to nourish and stimulate the stomach. A tea made from the stems of this and other Dendrobium species is taken for complaints such as fever, sunstroke and excessive perspiration. Scientists have isolated several compounds from the stem and leaves, including dendrobine, dendroxine, dendrin and other alkaloids. Phenanthrenes from Dendrobium nobile have shown anti-tumour activity in laboratory tests on cancer cells. Sesquiterpene glycosides isolated from the stem affect lymphocyte cells, indicating possible immunomodulatory effects. Gigantol isolated from Dendrobium nobile has shown antimutagenic properties (Source: Kew Royal Botanical Gardens).

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