French Botanical Illustration & Hang Tag: Lonicera xylosteum

Download the high-res botanical illustration and hang tag here.

Third and last colour plate from an antique French botany book that shows Lonicera xylosteum, also known as the fly honeysuckle. You are welcome to download both printables for personal or small business use. Please respect my Terms and credit with a link back to this site.

Keywords: antique, botanical illustration, berries, botany, fly honeysuckle, French,leaves, printable, shrub, vintage


  1. Thank you so much for the lonicera download. I have only just identified this plant in my garden and we've been here for 30 years! I think I shall do a scrapbook page to celebrate!

    1. Oh, hurrah! That does sound like a good reason to celebrate! :) Feel free to share the scrapbook page here if you like. xxx