An Ode to Spring (Part 2) and The Spring Bird Waltz (Sheet Music)

To make this collage of "An Ode to Spring," I combined an antique bird illustration from 1901 with a musical score from the August 1, 1858 issue of The Young Ladies' Journal called "The Spring Bird Waltz." After I merged the singing bird and the dance tune, I incorporated a couple of textures from Lost & Taken as well as Distressed Jewell for a more painterly effect. You can download the finished collage as a 6" x 9" @ 300 ppi JPEG here.

Printable wall art is free to download for personal use only while the bird graphic and sheet music area available for commercial use. If you use any of my resources, please respect my Terms and credit with a link back to this site whenever possible.

Keywords: antique, birds, collage, crabapple flowers, printable, sheet music, Spring, Victorian, vintage, wall art

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